About the Company

Stone Fasteners can trace its origins back to 1831 when founder, Josiah Stone, set up his business on the Thames in south-east London to Manufacture copper nails for the shipbuilding industry nearby in Greenwich.

The product range expanded to include rivets and other engineering supplies. These products were displayed at the International Exhibition in London in 1862. As the aerospace industry developed during the early 1900's, the focus of the business moved towards manufacturing rivets to supply the needs of this rapidly growing industry.

Today Stone fasteners new plant is established in Charlton, south-east London, close to the Thames Barrier, and this plant continues to produce aerospace rivets.

Solid and Semi Tubular Rivets

We manufacture using Aluminium Alloys, Monel, Nimonic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium, and Heat Resisting Alloys.

If your requirements are not met by the above list we would be pleased to quote for any specific parts you may require.

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Building Nails

Manufacturers Since 1831
For the Roofing and Construction Industry
Direct from the manufacturers
Stainless Steel + Copper + Aluminium + Silicon Bronze

Plain + Annular Ring + Helical also Tile Pegs and Ridge Nails

Competitive Prices

Large stocks for overnight deliveries whenever possible.

Parent Company

Langham Industries was founded in 1979 with the purchase of Stone Manganese Marine from Stone Platt Industries Plc. The group comprises of 11 companies engaged in marine engineering, casting manufacture, port operations and precision engineering services.